The Levy County Historical Society is settling into its new Bronson location while gearing up for an upcoming program on World  War II.

It purchased the former Henry and Rilla White Youth Foundation building December 2019. Renovations have been ongoing since, including making space for workshops, displays and presentations. There are also plans to make a research center on the second floor. Through grants, the Society’s Board of Directors will purchase computers and other equipment for patrons.

Also featured will be a Pioneer Wall  that will permanently display the names of local families and individuals who make contributions. For donation information, contact President Toni Collins at .

The Society is also presenting a three-part program in the coming months at its headquarters, located at 397 E. Hathaway Ave.:

Florida in WWII:
The Civil Defense Corps, Saturday, Sept. 19, 2020  — learn about the millions of volunteers used to patrol coastlines, extinguish fires, respond to chemical weapons attacks and administer first aid.
Montbrook Army Airfield, Saturday, Oct. 17, 2020 — learn about the former Army air field in Williston –which had one of the largest runways in the southeast — and which is now the city’s municipal airport.
The Spies Among Us, Saturday, Nov. 21,  2020 — the Germans used four former US citizens for plans to return to the states to perform espionage and sabotage critical infrastructure.

Contact the Society for more program details: email Toni at the address above, or call (352) 490-5636.