ANCORP in Williston has been manufacturing high end and ultra high end vacuum components since 1965.

It’s part of a very exclusive group of global companies — less  than 5 — that produce  these parts. To grow in such a niche industry for more than five decades does not happen by chance; such staying power requires expert craftsmanship and constantly staying ahead of competitors.

It also takes a positive work culture, which the company prides itself on. During a two-year re-branding, ANCORP assembled its 26 Fundamentals that defines that culture. Those fundamentals are:

  1. Think Safe,  Work Safe
  2. Do the right thing.  Always.
  3. Do quality work
  4. Be a customer advocate
  5. Take pride in our appearance
  6. Honor commitments
  7. Treat others with respect and kindness
  8. Find a way
  9. Be relentless about improvement
  10. Practice blameless problem-solving
  11. Get clear on expectations
  12. Take ownership
  13. Show meaningful appreciation
  14. Think team first
  15. Be a continuous learner
  16. Listen generously
  17. Speak straight
  18. “Bring it” every day
  19. Invest in relationships
  20. Own your work
  21. Be a fanatic about response time
  22. Maintain work-life harmony
  23. Embrace change
  24. Pitch in wherever necessary
  25. Reduce or eliminate waste
  26. Keep things fun!

See these fundamentals put to work, or see ANCORP in action through one our business spotlights.