A call to action from the Mid-Florida Regional Manufacturer’s Association:

Help us cut the Business Rent Tax by asking your legislators to include a reduction in this year’s tax package. At the final stage of session, the House and Senate must reach an agreed upon budget. The Business Rent Tax reduction may be in jeopardy and we need your help!

Lowering the Business Rent Tax will help Florida businesses continue to expand, hire more employees, improve benefits and raise salaries. It will also help manufacturers, distributors and suppliers fill commercial spaces that have been vacant.

Contact your Legislator to demand this cut remain; if you’re not sure what to say, MRMA has a suggested message:

“As a manufacturer in your district, I’m asking you to please support a reduction to the sales tax charged to businesses that lease commercial space – the Business Rent Tax. I understand that you are faced with multiple funding requests and that your position is compounded by a tough budget year. However, please keep in mind that reducing the Business Rent Tax is important to our economy. A lower Business Rent Tax provides Florida businesses with the capital to expand, hire more employees, improve benefits, and raise salaries.”

The Florida Legislature successfully lowered the tax last year.